Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hope House Haiti (UK) is launched!

Our wonderful banner donated by local printers 'Forest Litho'
What a wonderful afternoon we have had! This afternoon the UK charity was launched at Bolney School, with Yvrose present, the local press turning up to take photos and what's more the rain held off and we had fun in the sunshine!

It's so exciting to have Yvrose here with us and what an amazing testimony she gave at school today, I think most of the women in the room were in tears! She told us a bit about her background and how the orphanage and school were begun. She shared how difficult it can be, especially to see the children going without. I think the most moving thing was when she talked about children having to go to bed hungry and upset because they haven't eaten and how heartbreaking that is.

But she also talked about God's amazing provision and how he showed her where he wanted her and Pierre Richard to be, and how he provides for their needs.

Yvrose talking in school
It was wonderful that the Chair of governors spoke also, and he shared how important it is for us to recognise all that we have and how we can help and bless others who are far less fortunate. The Head of the school also talked about how it was a privilege to have Yvrose with them this week and how much the children had learnt from her.

The children sang two songs in creole which Yvrose had taught them just the day before and they sang with such joy, it was great to see them really enjoying it! Then two of the boys played the Haitian National Anthem and outside the flag was raised.

Afterwards there were cream teas and refreshments organised by the amazing school PTA and the older children had organised games stalls to raise money. There was a wonderful atmosphere and lots of buzz, people talking about Hope House and how inspiration Yvrose is. A fantastic afternoon all round.

So we are official! There's a few bits to sort out before we can include a 'donate' button on here (!) but we do have a website at so do check it out!

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