Monday, 2 December 2013

Start up Business for Celicia

Celicia with her brothers

Celicia came to see her brothers Jilbert and Wilner in November 2010 right about the time I was praying for someone to come and help because I had 17 children to care for, with only Pierre Richard to help me!  Celicia arrived and said that she would take the job. What an answer to prayer.

She  was a faithful maid, but she later decided that she didn't want to be paid, instead she wanted to be our daughter. From a faithful servant to a faithful daughter. 

She was an innocent girl who believed in Santa for the first two years she was with us! 

Celicia is 23 years old and is in 5th grade. She asked to have a business selling candies and cookies so we helped her start up the business. She is now selling the produce in school. Since as a family we help each other, Vanessa one of the older girls is helping her with the business while Celicia  goes to school. It is so good to see Celicia's  confidence grow as she has started her own business. 

A dream is becoming a reality...


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hope House Haiti (UK) is launched!

Our wonderful banner donated by local printers 'Forest Litho'
What a wonderful afternoon we have had! This afternoon the UK charity was launched at Bolney School, with Yvrose present, the local press turning up to take photos and what's more the rain held off and we had fun in the sunshine!

It's so exciting to have Yvrose here with us and what an amazing testimony she gave at school today, I think most of the women in the room were in tears! She told us a bit about her background and how the orphanage and school were begun. She shared how difficult it can be, especially to see the children going without. I think the most moving thing was when she talked about children having to go to bed hungry and upset because they haven't eaten and how heartbreaking that is.

But she also talked about God's amazing provision and how he showed her where he wanted her and Pierre Richard to be, and how he provides for their needs.

Yvrose talking in school
It was wonderful that the Chair of governors spoke also, and he shared how important it is for us to recognise all that we have and how we can help and bless others who are far less fortunate. The Head of the school also talked about how it was a privilege to have Yvrose with them this week and how much the children had learnt from her.

The children sang two songs in creole which Yvrose had taught them just the day before and they sang with such joy, it was great to see them really enjoying it! Then two of the boys played the Haitian National Anthem and outside the flag was raised.

Afterwards there were cream teas and refreshments organised by the amazing school PTA and the older children had organised games stalls to raise money. There was a wonderful atmosphere and lots of buzz, people talking about Hope House and how inspiration Yvrose is. A fantastic afternoon all round.

So we are official! There's a few bits to sort out before we can include a 'donate' button on here (!) but we do have a website at so do check it out!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Importance of Shoes...

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News...

My husbands grandfather Percy was one of 9 boys. The family could not afford to buy shoes for all the boys so they shared a few pairs between them. Taking it in turns to go to school to be educated only when they were wearing the shoes.  That is what happened in England 90 years ago.

On my recent trip to Haiti I discovered the importance of shoes. The terrain is rough,  walking  in flip flops is a dangerous occupation. But many of the children in the community near Hope House do not possess shoes, and if they do they will be ill fitting. Pride in appearance is very important, this means polishing the dust off each day with your finger.   

When at Hope Academy school in Haiti one day I asked could I see a boy whom I had met the previous year. This boy is important in my family. You see my eldest son made a Friendship Bracelet and attached his name the previous year. As I was distributing the 300 bracelets this boy asked me to say the name printed on his bracelet. I could hardly believe it, it was my sons name. So he wrote his name on the back, I photographed him and his name: Ledmond.

We didn't know much about this boy and he has no idea what an impact he has had on our  family, but he has been faithfully remembered and prayed for by my son.  I was under instruction to get an up to date photo of Ledmond this year. I asked the teachers could I see him but he wasn't there. I wasn't quite expecting the reply: "He can not come to school because he has no shoes! " He missed out on the special treats that day, (though I entrusted some supplies to the teacher). It broke my heart, I had to walk away and gather my composure and wipe away my tears. 

When I returned to England  my son wanted to do something about Ledmond's  situation. He sent a photograph of himself and a letter, and enough money for a pair of school shoes to be purchased for Ledmond. As adults it's very easy to make choices, but I want to teach my kids to be compassionate themselves. 
Children have power within their hands to make a difference. What can you inspire your kids to do...? 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Introduction to Anipiye!

It's always great to have people who are willing to sacrifice their time and come serve at Hope House.  Today's post is from Katheryn Meyer an American girl who spent several months with us...

These were my first impressions of Haiti when I arrived there for the first time on March 20, 2012.  My host American family were not able to fly in with me as originally planned, because their connecting flight was cancelled  due to bad weather.  There was only one small problem with that; I didn’t have a street address to put on my customs form.  The customs officer was very displeased with this!  “Madam, is very important to have address before entering the country.  Go to immigration and they help you get the address.”  He waved me over to the immigration office with my carry-ons.  (I still had not collected my baggage at this point.)  
I went over there and sat down inside with my big floppy white hat, to wait until someone could help me.  There were several of us sitting there.  I had Yvrose’s number as well as a few other people’s so I knew I could get the address.  Shortly afterwards the lady at the desk called me over and I explained my dilemma.  But it wasn’t too long before someone came in to get me and bring me to Yvrose.  He had a blue security shirt and looked like an officer.  Anybody will tell you that your party sent them to meet you, because they want money, but somehow I knew this fellow was telling the truth.  I had to leave my passport and carry-ons in the immigration office to go with him.  (I should have grabbed my backpack at least on the way out - future travelers, take note!)

So, Mr. Security Guy grabs my arm and takes me through the mob to the end of a long white tent archway to where Yvrose was waiting!  Thank goodness for my floppy white hat.  I had told Bill and Janet Montgomery I would be wearing it and they told Yvrose, and that’s what she told Mr. Security Guy to look for!

Yvrose hugged me and greeted me and came back to the immigration office, writing somebody’s address on my form as we walked.  (I still have no idea what address it was.)  Mrs. Immigration Lady stamped my passport and I grabbed my carry-ons—minus $40, as I found out a few minutes later, in the truck when I checked everything.  Yvrose said the immigration lady looked very uncomfortable when we returned to the office with the address.

Yvrose helped me look through the piles of luggage for my suitcase and duffel bag.  Then back we went through the mob to where Yvrose’s husband Pierre Richard and Mr. Security Guy were waiting.  (Mr. Security Guy is a Pastor in Cite Soleil and he also works at the airport.)

The truck needed to be push-started as usual, then we were on our way.  Traffic through Port-au-Prince was horrendous.  “It usually takes forty-five minutes to get to Fonds-Parisien,” said Yvrose, shaking her head at the unusually slow-moving traffic.

“If we were in the Sates I would say it was rush hour.  Do they have rush hour here?” I asked.  That made her laugh and she agreed that rush hour must not have national boundaries!

At this point I was able to call Daddy and Mama on Yvrose’s phone and let them know I made it.

Through Croix des Bouquets and beyond, then Fonds-Parisien and Bill and Janet’s leased home overlooking Lac Azuei!  (Lake Azuei)  Their three Haitian daughters were home—Shirlie, Nono and Christela.  Shirlie and Nono were 34 and 33 respectively.  Christela was 15 and in school.  She likes Justin Beiber like a regular teen and she doesn’t communicate much, but she works hard like the others.
Yvrose gave me the key to the storage room, which is also the guest room and has a bathroom.  She informed me to keep it locked at all times.  The girls had a key to clean it and I had the other one and those were all the keys.  After saying goodnight, Yvrose and Pierre Richard left.  The girls hooked me up with a regular American mattress on the front porch under a mosquito net.

The offending Anipiye
My sleep that night was fitful, as I kept feeling like something was in bed with me.  But if I moved, everything became still and quiet, so I didn't pay it much attention.  But at about 1:30 in the morning something was slithering in my bed, and no mistake about it!  I leaped to the other end of the bed and stared at my pillow.  The thing was coming out from under it by about five inches.  “Snake!  Girls, girls, there is a snake in my bed!”  After doing her share of squealing (“Eeee!  I’m very scared.  Eeee!”) Nono hooked me up with an enclosed mosquito net camping bed.  Shirlie took care of my little friend; they called it an anipiye or a milpat, which is an overgrown (way overgrown) centipede.  It was about six inches long.  That should be illegal...  I took a photo the next morning.
My bed, after the incident!

A few weeks later I came across another giant centipede in the guest bathroom.  “They like you,” said Nono.  The girls killed that one too, with copious amounts of bug spray.  Enclosed mosquito net camping beds are my new best friend!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

New House for Hope House!

Hot off the Press
We are very excited to share this news with you.  
What God says with His mouth, His Hands shall accomplish it. 
In 2005, a co-founder (Marie)  of Hope House Haiti and I had a vision whilst we were praying. We saw a huge house . it looked just like this one.  

One side of the house faced towards the Dominican Republic and the other side toward Haiti.  Marie was able to see everything on the DR side and I saw the side of Haiti. There was another storey to the building  and 2 lions , one on each side of the tall  pillars in front of the house, a prayer room was situated at the bottom right.

 In 2012 This was the new home of Just Mercy. It is situated directly behind our kitchen . After living there for only one week Bill and Janet the directors of Just Mercy  decided to sell.  
When Pastor Rod from Victory Compassion found that out he said to me: " the house is yours Eve" . This reminded me of  just how he had said it when he built the houses/ bedrooms on the land that we are on right now. The land was a desert and Pastor Rod and Bill walked on the land and said: where do you want the houses? Pierre Richard and I accepted it would be ours one day but thought this would be in the distant future and put it out of our minds.  

We don't want to elevate anybody, but our lives have changed since meeting Victory Compassion and they continue to bless us even today. 
Realising that Bill and Janet had just built the house, we felt like traitors to even propose purchasing their house. But God showed us this was His plan. This  house was built with love by many missionaries, who sacrificed their  time and used their hands to serve us. Neither of us knew they were preparing it for us. We feel so blessed to be the owner of this house. The children are happy and we gave glory to God through many songs of praise like Mesi Senye. 

Would we be able to get to where we are today  on our own? We all don't think so. The Lord uses angels to make our dreams become a reality. We thank God for the people of England, Nantucket, the people from Hurley, Missouri, Victory Compassion, HCM for their sacrificial giving to enable the purchase of this house. $60,000 during this economy is truly proof  of Gods goodness and your faithfulness to the work of God here.  On the 26 th March 2013  we signed the papers. So many people have held us in prayer during the time of the purchase . Thankyou as the prayers went up the blessings came down. 

This purchase is more than a property .  In front of the building is the Well. By owning the land we have now secured water provision , providing for Hope House Haiti , Hope Academy and all the local community.

Got skills you would like to share with Others
The Building is unfinished, there are  many opportunities to come serve  at Hope House Haiti.
Have you got Construction/ building/ wood working/ plumbing skills we would love to hear from you. 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

St Patrick's Day in Haiti

St Patrick's Day 
St Patrick's Day is celebrated the world over,  the more elaborate festivities taking place outside of Ireland. It is said there are only two Nationalities in the World those who are Irish and those who wish they were!

In Petionville at the Irish Embassy, the first  St. Patrick's day in Haiti took place. Nationalities from all over the world were in attendance. The kids at Hope House were invited to join the celebrations. Digicel (a mobile phone company ) kindly gave their minibus to transport the children, without whom this would have been impossible. What an amazing outing. It was a triple celebration 3 of  the children Ricardo(16), Mrylande(12) and Pierre Richardson(3) all celebrated their Birthdays together.
Yvrose and Pierre Richard have a desire for the children to be taken out somewhere on their Birthdays and today it certainly was a great outing, everyone could go!  Nobody  knowing quite what to expect.

Vicki, one of the employees at The Irish Embassy had visited Hope House and orchestrated the event.  Each child was given a green T- shirt and Shamrock Head boppers. A special green birthday cake had been made by the Irish Embassy but also it had each of the children's names written in icing. Certainly a new experience for these children. Happy Birthday was sung with gusto by all those in attendance . Cake was shared out with everyone. Party food of Hamburgers and French Fries was enjoyed by all.  How wonderful for Hope House children to get to experience what children all over the world see as normal.  They got to meet children from other areas that they would never get to meet as their lives are very different. They danced, sang, laughed and had fun with the leprechauns!


You are so welcome to join with us at Hope House Haiti

Why did we get involved with Haiti?

Our local English village school in Bolney twinned with Hope Academy school in Haiti in 2011.  This led to trips to Haiti, spending  quality time with Yvrose and Pierre Richard  Ismael, their family and school community with no agenda other that getting to know them.

Yvrose and Pierre Richard do an amazing work voluntarily, providing a free school for 300 of the most needy children in their local community of Fonds Parisien, Haiti, near the Dominican Republic Border. On the same site the couple run a children's home for 28 children.  They also run medical clinics for visiting medical professionals and provide free translation services. 

 Many people from USA, South America,  Spain, France, Tenerife, Poland and the UK have had the privilege of visiting them. Yvrose and Pierre Richard are an inspiration to all they meet!

Sometimes when we give to others abroad, there are concerns whether the gift will really get to the person who needs it! Those who have been to Hope House Haiti can verify that all monetary gifts are spent on meeting the needs of the children whether it be, school lunches, school resources, clothing, sanitary provisions etc. Alternatively, monetary gifts can be used for a specific purpose when indicated  by the Donor such as ice creams for the children.

We are in the the process of building a website and as a part of that there will be a facility to Donate if you wish to.  Watch this space!

We will keep you up to date with what is happening with our friends  in Haiti.