Monday, 2 December 2013

Start up Business for Celicia

Celicia with her brothers

Celicia came to see her brothers Jilbert and Wilner in November 2010 right about the time I was praying for someone to come and help because I had 17 children to care for, with only Pierre Richard to help me!  Celicia arrived and said that she would take the job. What an answer to prayer.

She  was a faithful maid, but she later decided that she didn't want to be paid, instead she wanted to be our daughter. From a faithful servant to a faithful daughter. 

She was an innocent girl who believed in Santa for the first two years she was with us! 

Celicia is 23 years old and is in 5th grade. She asked to have a business selling candies and cookies so we helped her start up the business. She is now selling the produce in school. Since as a family we help each other, Vanessa one of the older girls is helping her with the business while Celicia  goes to school. It is so good to see Celicia's  confidence grow as she has started her own business. 

A dream is becoming a reality...


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