Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Importance of Shoes...

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News...

My husbands grandfather Percy was one of 9 boys. The family could not afford to buy shoes for all the boys so they shared a few pairs between them. Taking it in turns to go to school to be educated only when they were wearing the shoes.  That is what happened in England 90 years ago.

On my recent trip to Haiti I discovered the importance of shoes. The terrain is rough,  walking  in flip flops is a dangerous occupation. But many of the children in the community near Hope House do not possess shoes, and if they do they will be ill fitting. Pride in appearance is very important, this means polishing the dust off each day with your finger.   

When at Hope Academy school in Haiti one day I asked could I see a boy whom I had met the previous year. This boy is important in my family. You see my eldest son made a Friendship Bracelet and attached his name the previous year. As I was distributing the 300 bracelets this boy asked me to say the name printed on his bracelet. I could hardly believe it, it was my sons name. So he wrote his name on the back, I photographed him and his name: Ledmond.

We didn't know much about this boy and he has no idea what an impact he has had on our  family, but he has been faithfully remembered and prayed for by my son.  I was under instruction to get an up to date photo of Ledmond this year. I asked the teachers could I see him but he wasn't there. I wasn't quite expecting the reply: "He can not come to school because he has no shoes! " He missed out on the special treats that day, (though I entrusted some supplies to the teacher). It broke my heart, I had to walk away and gather my composure and wipe away my tears. 

When I returned to England  my son wanted to do something about Ledmond's  situation. He sent a photograph of himself and a letter, and enough money for a pair of school shoes to be purchased for Ledmond. As adults it's very easy to make choices, but I want to teach my kids to be compassionate themselves. 
Children have power within their hands to make a difference. What can you inspire your kids to do...? 

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