Thursday, 21 March 2013


You are so welcome to join with us at Hope House Haiti

Why did we get involved with Haiti?

Our local English village school in Bolney twinned with Hope Academy school in Haiti in 2011.  This led to trips to Haiti, spending  quality time with Yvrose and Pierre Richard  Ismael, their family and school community with no agenda other that getting to know them.

Yvrose and Pierre Richard do an amazing work voluntarily, providing a free school for 300 of the most needy children in their local community of Fonds Parisien, Haiti, near the Dominican Republic Border. On the same site the couple run a children's home for 28 children.  They also run medical clinics for visiting medical professionals and provide free translation services. 

 Many people from USA, South America,  Spain, France, Tenerife, Poland and the UK have had the privilege of visiting them. Yvrose and Pierre Richard are an inspiration to all they meet!

Sometimes when we give to others abroad, there are concerns whether the gift will really get to the person who needs it! Those who have been to Hope House Haiti can verify that all monetary gifts are spent on meeting the needs of the children whether it be, school lunches, school resources, clothing, sanitary provisions etc. Alternatively, monetary gifts can be used for a specific purpose when indicated  by the Donor such as ice creams for the children.

We are in the the process of building a website and as a part of that there will be a facility to Donate if you wish to.  Watch this space!

We will keep you up to date with what is happening with our friends  in Haiti.

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