Saturday, 30 March 2013

New House for Hope House!

Hot off the Press
We are very excited to share this news with you.  
What God says with His mouth, His Hands shall accomplish it. 
In 2005, a co-founder (Marie)  of Hope House Haiti and I had a vision whilst we were praying. We saw a huge house . it looked just like this one.  

One side of the house faced towards the Dominican Republic and the other side toward Haiti.  Marie was able to see everything on the DR side and I saw the side of Haiti. There was another storey to the building  and 2 lions , one on each side of the tall  pillars in front of the house, a prayer room was situated at the bottom right.

 In 2012 This was the new home of Just Mercy. It is situated directly behind our kitchen . After living there for only one week Bill and Janet the directors of Just Mercy  decided to sell.  
When Pastor Rod from Victory Compassion found that out he said to me: " the house is yours Eve" . This reminded me of  just how he had said it when he built the houses/ bedrooms on the land that we are on right now. The land was a desert and Pastor Rod and Bill walked on the land and said: where do you want the houses? Pierre Richard and I accepted it would be ours one day but thought this would be in the distant future and put it out of our minds.  

We don't want to elevate anybody, but our lives have changed since meeting Victory Compassion and they continue to bless us even today. 
Realising that Bill and Janet had just built the house, we felt like traitors to even propose purchasing their house. But God showed us this was His plan. This  house was built with love by many missionaries, who sacrificed their  time and used their hands to serve us. Neither of us knew they were preparing it for us. We feel so blessed to be the owner of this house. The children are happy and we gave glory to God through many songs of praise like Mesi Senye. 

Would we be able to get to where we are today  on our own? We all don't think so. The Lord uses angels to make our dreams become a reality. We thank God for the people of England, Nantucket, the people from Hurley, Missouri, Victory Compassion, HCM for their sacrificial giving to enable the purchase of this house. $60,000 during this economy is truly proof  of Gods goodness and your faithfulness to the work of God here.  On the 26 th March 2013  we signed the papers. So many people have held us in prayer during the time of the purchase . Thankyou as the prayers went up the blessings came down. 

This purchase is more than a property .  In front of the building is the Well. By owning the land we have now secured water provision , providing for Hope House Haiti , Hope Academy and all the local community.

Got skills you would like to share with Others
The Building is unfinished, there are  many opportunities to come serve  at Hope House Haiti.
Have you got Construction/ building/ wood working/ plumbing skills we would love to hear from you. 

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