Thursday, 21 March 2013

St Patrick's Day in Haiti

St Patrick's Day 
St Patrick's Day is celebrated the world over,  the more elaborate festivities taking place outside of Ireland. It is said there are only two Nationalities in the World those who are Irish and those who wish they were!

In Petionville at the Irish Embassy, the first  St. Patrick's day in Haiti took place. Nationalities from all over the world were in attendance. The kids at Hope House were invited to join the celebrations. Digicel (a mobile phone company ) kindly gave their minibus to transport the children, without whom this would have been impossible. What an amazing outing. It was a triple celebration 3 of  the children Ricardo(16), Mrylande(12) and Pierre Richardson(3) all celebrated their Birthdays together.
Yvrose and Pierre Richard have a desire for the children to be taken out somewhere on their Birthdays and today it certainly was a great outing, everyone could go!  Nobody  knowing quite what to expect.

Vicki, one of the employees at The Irish Embassy had visited Hope House and orchestrated the event.  Each child was given a green T- shirt and Shamrock Head boppers. A special green birthday cake had been made by the Irish Embassy but also it had each of the children's names written in icing. Certainly a new experience for these children. Happy Birthday was sung with gusto by all those in attendance . Cake was shared out with everyone. Party food of Hamburgers and French Fries was enjoyed by all.  How wonderful for Hope House children to get to experience what children all over the world see as normal.  They got to meet children from other areas that they would never get to meet as their lives are very different. They danced, sang, laughed and had fun with the leprechauns!

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